Ben Bridwell (Feat Jason Lytle and Brave Baby) – The Christmas Thing

Well hay everybody!
Happiest Holiday wishes to you all!

 We got you a pretty, silly present in the form of a song.

While plotting evil schemes for the new BoH record roll out, this little nugget of a song nudged me.
The “let’s obsess over writing and recording a song” thing seemed ill-timed until I figured it might just be the Christmas spirit trying to make contact. Having gladly accepted and relented, I present you with “The Christmas Thing.”
With the greatest of good fortune, I was able to employ the services of the bonkers talented Charleston band Brave Baby and Mr. Jason Lytle himself of other notable Yuletide as well as secular classics.

As far those evil schemes for the new album windup, I hope this is but one of very many treats to throw your way as we chug along toward release day. Please stay in touch as we hope to please you very much.

Thank you for caring about us.

Happiest Everything Wishes to ALL
-The Horses

Band Of Horses